FreeBSD Port: ntp-dev ntp-stable

Jed Clear clear at
Sun Jan 8 07:10:23 PST 2006

Would it be possible to resuscitate the ntp-dev port?

The -dev version, 4.2.0b, would have been nice to have for the leap 
second as it had some fixes.  Although it was released on NYE, so it 
might not have made it to ports in time anyway.  It looks like more 
fixes are in the works based on the fallout of the recent NTP "pin ball" 
that occurred.

Was copying net/ntp to net/ntp-stable (pr 88627) the right thing to do? 
  There is an ntp-stable, 4.2.0a, from August '05.

As a heads up, it looks like there is supposed to be a 4.2.1 released 
this month.  I wonder if the leap second fall out will delay it.



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