LSI Logic trouble

Anton Nikiforov anton at
Fri Feb 17 13:50:06 PST 2006

Dear All,
sorry for sending my request to so many maillists and looks like it is 
OFF TOPIC, but i have defenetley big trouble and kindly asking you to help.

I have had server running FreeBSD-5.4p9 and it was samba file server for 
MS domain (about 600 people).

Today we were changing power supply so we shut all servers down at 17:00.

After changing of UPS we start everything up and my LSI controller 
starts to claim that disk and NVRAM configuration mismatch.

When i tried to enter configuration console i have found out that all 
disks in my array are in READY state, that means they are not a part of 
any drive.

After rebooting (via simple exitting the configuration console withiut 
changing anything), server stopped to claim that configuration mismutch, 
but shows 0 Logical drives configured (while before i have had 2 drives):
Raid1 for the OS (2*140GB drives)
Raid5 for the data (3*140GB drives)
And one 140GB drive as a hot spare disk
LSI FW version is G119 from Aug 27 2004

I'm sure that disks are still containing the information, but i do not 
know how to restore the LSI data on disks to boot properly or mount this 
drive somewhere on different system to get the data.

ICP controllers support nondistructive build to build array from disks 
that already contain ICP information. But i have found nothing about the 
same function in LSI. And i'm afraid that this will erase (now i do not 
trust LSI) my info.

I did contact LSI support but 3 people answerred that one is on the 
vacation, the other on the business trip and the third one is ill..... 
nice support. THere is nothing to say :)

In case there is no way to restore my configuration and continue to use 
this server as it was could you please tell me the way to restore data 
from that drives?

Best regards,
Anton NIkiforov
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