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Tue Feb 7 12:11:03 PST 2006

+----[ Joe Holden <joe at> (07.Feb.2006 16:55):
| Hello, how would I go about maintaining a port

pick a port (your_port) with MAINTAINER= ports at (which means
it is unmaintained) and then 

cp -R /usr/ports/category/your_port /some/place/
cd /some/place/your_port
and start editing, updating, fixing, et cetera
(set MAINTAINER to your email)

For ports with an active MAINTAINER, you can do the same,
but do not change the MAINTAINER, and send copies of your
work (patches) to him/her.

Once you're done, and you've cleaned all your work (make
sure you end with a clean port skeleton (Makefile, distinfo,

diff -ruN /usr/ports/category/your_port /some/place/your_port > your_port.diff

and then

send-pr -a your_port.diff

(be sure to CC interested parties)

Also, you might want to read the obligate stuff :)
the send-pr man page and the porter's handbook

and ask questions in this list :)

| I'm not currently a 
| committer, however am interested in becoming one.  What is the process 
| required?

You don't need to be a committer to maintain a port. You
just send patches via send-pr and a committer will get them
into the repository.

I'm also intrigued as to what is the process to become a
comitter ...



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