Some VoIP base ports updated, updates to more recent leaf-ports possible

Alexander Leidinger netchild at
Sun Feb 5 08:22:05 PST 2006

Hi maintainers (and interested readers in ports@),

I've committed updates to the pwlib (-> 1.9.2) and openh323 (-> 1.17.3)
ports (with the fine help of Steve Ames). Your ports (see below) now
depend upon devel/pwlib152 and net/openh323-112 to not break anything.

The two updated ports now install a shared lib, so no "bad hacks" have
to be done anymore to use them. The ports provide only provide "basic"
services, no special care was taken to enable new shiny features. In
case you need/want some changes to the updated ports, feel free to
do/submit them, since there's no intend behind a not-enabled part of
the ports. The goal was to get something in which can be used to work
on updates for leaf-ports.

Feel free to update your (or some maintainer-less) ports to more recent

Affected ports (possible targets for updates) by this change:
 - comms/pstngw
 - net/asterisk
 - net/asterisk-current
 - net/asterisk-oh323
 - net/callgen
 - net/cphone
 - net/gatekeeper
 - net/gnomemeeting
 - net/ohphone
 - net/openam
 - net/opengk
 - net/openmcu


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