Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Mon Dec 25 11:35:46 PST 2006

Aaron Dalton schrieb:
> I've been away for a number of months and after grepping the ports tree
> for a while, I have decided that there must have been some change to the
> way NOPORTDOCS is handled.  Could somebody point me to a port, or post
> an example, of the "correct" way to now handle port docs and NOPORTDOCS
> in the Makefile and plist?
> Thanks for your time.
There are two kinds of NOPORTDOCS use.

1, If you don't have a pgk-plist. Look at e.g. archivers/mtf. The files 
you install into DOCSDIR should be listed in PORTDOCS and it is handled 
automatically at install-time when the packing list is generated.

2, If you have a pkg-plist. Look at e.g. archivers/xdms. In pkg-plist 
you have to put %%PORTDOCS%% before the affected files and it will be 
replaced with "@comment " if NOPORTDOCS is set and removed if unset at 

I think that's all you should know about NOPORTDOCS. Oh, and the 
installation of those files should be done in the post-install target. 
And don't forget to use ${MKDIR} ${DOCSDIR}. ${MKDIR} is actually set to 
mkdir -p, so it will create the directories recursively if don't exist.


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