missing pkg-descr still happening

Wesley Shields wxs at atarininja.org
Wed Dec 13 20:48:44 PST 2006

On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 10:24:19PM -0600, Wayne M. Barnes wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD,
>     I submitted this problem to current, and someone suggested
> it belongs in ports.
>     I include several screen clips below.
> My problem is that I keep getting "Missing pkg-descr" when
> I try to make a port.
>     This is a fresh install, and a fresh cvsup of the ports.
> Without the cvsup, I'd have no ports tree at all.
> I even just refreshed it, and the same thing keeps happening.
>     I would very much appreciate some help,
> as my workaround is probably going to fail for diablo-jdk15
> ... wait .. Yes, it fails.  I'm stuck, since "make all install"
> just wants the pkg-descr, which I think is there, alright.
> See the last ~screen of output below.

The relevant line from bsd.port.mk is:

@if [ ! -f ${DESCR} ]; then ${ECHO_CMD} "** Missing pkg-descr for
${PKGNAME}."; exit 1; fi

Are you setting $DESCR somehow, or anything that can trigger this?

-- WXS

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