FreeBSD 6.1-R-p10 and PHP 5.2.0

Spil Oss spil.oss at
Tue Dec 5 06:41:02 PST 2006

Hi Mirosław,

Will try that, but session is mandatory for roundcube to function at all.

Did you have an apache that/php segfaulted during start?
On my install I get the roundcube login-page and it fails after logging in.


On 01/12/06, Mirosław Jaworski <mjaw at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 17:07 +0100, Spil Oss wrote:
> > No luck with the following 2 extension.ini
> Disable all modules and check whether it's segfaulting.
> If not, enable one by one till you find the guilty one. Note that
> you may have more conflicts than only one.
> Comment guilty one back again and continue to the end of the
> modules list. The goal is to get maximum number of modules working
> without segfault.
> After finding all guilty ones concentrate on one of them.
> Try to move it here and there checking if apache segfaults
> or not. After you find proper combination move to the next
> from guilty list.
> That's the way i narrowed to session in my case and found
> it works for me when i put it first. Lucky me, only one
> conflict.
> Good luck!
> M.
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