portmaster and dependencies

B Briggs rcbdyndns at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 24 01:43:13 UTC 2006

After reading some of the comments on a prior thread about "the best" 
port update tool, I decided to give portmaster a look. Unfortunately my 
ports were up to date except for openoffice.org-2.0 which I had listed 
as HOLD_PKGS in pkgtools.conf. Anyway, I let it run and it stopped 
because it wanted to install linux-sun-jdk14 (You get the manual fetch 
message in IGNORE=), which I had only used as a bootstrap to get the 
native jdk15 installed, then later removed the linux version and its 

Looked back at prior threads and it looks like someone mentioned this 
about 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering if there was any progress along 
these lines.

FWIW, I changed the script on line 435 from
dep_port_list=`make $MAKE_ARGS all-depends-list`
dep_port_list=`make $MAKE_ARGS run-depends-list && make $MAKE_ARGS 

The line above probably wraps, it is one line.

The author might want to look at this; he'll know much more about it and 
can probably tell right away if this is going to break some other 
functions of the script. I already know that the two depends-lists will 
have duplicates, but it doesn't seem to affect any builds. Seems that 
all-depends-list recurses too far back for openoffice, picking up the 
linux bootstrap. Openoffice will build with the above change.

I know just enough about the ports system to be dangerous. Anyway, I've 
been playing with it for a couple of hours now removing and reinstalling 
ports with portmaster, and I haven't run into any problems so far. And I 
want to say that I really like portmaster. I'll probably stick with it 
and remove portupgrade and ruby, but I'm going to miss pkg_which: Is 
there any replacement?

(Sent bcc to Doug Barton)
Bo Briggs

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