google-earth-4.0.1693 Locks up...

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Sat Aug 19 02:58:10 UTC 2006


Surely I'm missing something basic here.

The latest version (v.1693) does not work for me on RELENG_6.  Running 
it, it stops at "loading myplaces.kml".  If I delete the ~/.googleearth 
directory it gets a little further... myplaces appear to get loaded, and 
then it just locks up.  It does not complain in any fashion.  It never 
draws earth and just locks up.

At one point there were a lot of complaints about v.1693 not working. 
Then the complaints seemed to dissipate.  Though a lot of people did 
chime in with "works fine here"... no one that I saw had nailed down the 
problem or offered a solution.

I've searched a good bit and just not found what I need to get it running.

Any ideas?  Anything I can provide that would be helpful?


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