Audacious 1.1.1 Build Error

Roman Bogorodskiy novel at
Tue Aug 8 18:49:05 UTC 2006

  Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:

> Please try to deinstall the old one before compiling and
> report results here. It worked for me.

Here's my view on what's going on:

In is has something like:

"CXXFLAGS += -fPIC -DPIC $(GTK_CFLAGS) $(ARCH_DEFINES) -I../../../intl -I../../.."

but should have:

"CXXFLAGS += -fPIC -DPIC $(ARCH_DEFINES) -I../../../intl -I../../.. $(GTK_CFLAGS)"

So, it looks for headers in ${X11BASE}/include first (i.e. where old
audacious is installed), and only then looks for headers where it

Roman Bogorodskiy
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