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Some of some ports install files into shared location, e.g.
several ruby ports installs docs into subdirectory under
${RUBY_DOCDIR}, ocaml ports - into subdirectory of ${OCAML_DOCSDIR}.
As this directories might not exists before installing, they should
be removed after uninstall, so there should be something about "@dirrmtry
share/doc/ruby18" in pkg-plist.

The problem begins when we are trying to use PORTDOCS macro. In that
case PORTDOCS entries will be added in plist in add-plist-docs target
of, and therefore this "@dirrmtry share/doc/ruby18" should
be added after add-plist-docs target either it will not be deleted.
But there are no free targets after add-plist-docs... One of possible
solutions is to redefine add-plist-post target, that currently assigned
for non-standard PREFIX processing. But isn't very good, since we need
to make a copy of original add-plist-target in our Makefile. Furthermore
it can't be used in some cases, where target can be defined only after
inclusion of (such is my case of inclusion of - I
need to add some plist entries in after all other entries, but
this file should be included only after, as I need some
variables defined)

Is it possible to add one more empty target after add-plist-docs to use
by ports? I can investigate a patch, although it will be pretty simple.


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