Openoffice 1.1 can't cd to *.pro directory during install

Troy troy at
Sun Apr 16 21:05:51 UTC 2006

I'm running RELENG_6 branch and just tried to install Openoffice 1.1 and
it gets through the "make" properly but when going to "make install" it
gives me the following error:

cd: can't cd to
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/editors/

Upon checking in the work/OOo_1.1.5/instetoo directory, there isn't a
*.pro directory created by the make command.

I checked in the Makefile and sure enough the following line appears. 

   @cd ${WRKSRC}/instsetoo/*.pro/${LANG_EXT}/normal/ ; ./install

Why isn't the *.pro directory being created during the make process?  

Any Ideas?


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