openoffice 2.0 RC3 broken SaveAs

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Oct 27 05:35:23 PDT 2005

Eugene M. Minkovskii writes:

>  Problem:
>  When I tryin SaveAs my document --- nothing happens. I see SaveAs
>  dilog, I select desirable folder, I typing filename, but when I
>  push "Save" button --- nothing happens. Not any error messages in
>  terminal, or any other errors, Instead this I see again SaveAs
>  dialog whith empty filename field and pointed to my home
>  directory.

	You are not alone.  At least two other people (I'm one) have
reported this on the freebsd-openoffice list.  (See:
	It was true with RC1 and RC3.
	In my case, I can seve to some formats (e.g. .xls) but not
others (e.g. .sxc or any .od*).
	This is a _major_ bummer for what has otherwise been a very
nice product.

				Robert Huff


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