[SUGGEST] Reform eclipse and eclipse related ports

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Fri Oct 14 17:15:20 PDT 2005

Hi eclipse and eclipse related ports maintainers and users!

	Some time ago, someone suggested that eclipse and eclipse
	related ports should be located on proper categories.  I
	think so.  So I suggest following repocopy list.  Anyone,
	do you have any idea?

	java/eclipse                -> devel/eclipse
	java/eclipse-EPIC           -> editors/eclipse-EPIC
	java/eclipse-cdt            -> editors/eclipse-cdt
	java/eclipse-checkstyle     -> devel/eclipse-checkstyle
	java/eclipse-clay-core      -> databases/eclipse-clay-core
	java/eclipse-devel          -> devel/eclipse-devel
	java/eclipse-emf            -> devel/eclipse-emf
	java/eclipse-examples       -> devel/eclipse-examples
	java/eclipse-gef            -> graphics/eclipse-gef
	java/eclipse-gef-examples   -> graphics/eclipse-gef-examples
	java/eclipse-langpack       -> devel/eclipse-langpack
	java/eclipse-log4e          -> devel/eclipse-log4e
	java/eclipse-lomboz         -> devel/eclipse-lomboz
	java/eclipse-pmd            -> devel/eclipse-pmd
	java/eclipse-quantum        -> databases/eclipse-quantum
	java/eclipse-sqlexplorer    -> databases/eclipse-sqlexplorer
	java/eclipse-sysdeo-tomcat  -> www/eclipse-sysdeo-tomcat
	java/eclipse-uml            -> devel/eclipse-uml
	java/eclipse-v4all          -> devel/eclipse-v4all
	java/eclipse-vep            -> devel/eclipse-vep
	java/eclipse-vep-examples   -> devel/eclipse-vep-examples
	java/eclipse-viplugin       -> editors/eclipse-viplugin
	java/eclipseme              -> devel/eclipseme
	java/phpeclipse             -> editors/phpeclipse

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