Comments: print/acroread7 in /usr/local/lib/acroread - final install path?

Adi Pircalabu apircalabu at
Thu Oct 13 10:06:47 PDT 2005

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:43:49 -0700
Frank Jahnke <jahnke at> wrote:

> %mozilla
> LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared
> library /usr/local/lib/acroread/usr/loca
> l/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/Browser/intellinux/
> [/usr/local/lib/acroread/usr/loca
> l/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/Browser/intellinux/ Undefined symbol
> "__strtol_internal"]

It seems it doesn't find Linux's libc. Do you have enabled Linux at
boot time? What does "kldstat -v | grep -E linux" say?

Adi Pircalabu (PGP Key ID 0x04329F5E)

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