Another administrative variable: NOFETCHFILES

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Fri Oct 7 17:37:35 PDT 2005

With the sending out results for the "Distfile Survey Checker", we
saw that certain ports get marked as unfetchable, while in reality
it were files which (for whatever reason) shouldn't have been fetched
at all:

For example multimedia/pvr250 has one file, hcwPVRP2.sys, which
comes on the cdrom from the supplier and has to be copied into
/usr/ports/distfiles first.

Another example, java/jdk15, requires the files, and bsd-jdk15-patches-2.tar.bz2 which have
to be downloaded manually.

If there was a variable, for example NOFETCHFILES a la IGNOREFILES,
port survey tools could keep this in mind, and the output of
"fetch-all-list" (or "fetch-list") would be more reliable too.

Comments, suggestions?

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