auto-plist , almost same idea as with plist in Tools.

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Mon May 23 21:21:46 GMT 2005

On Mon, 23 May 2005 02:53:01 -0500, David O'Brien <obrien at>  

> On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 01:56:13AM -0500, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
>> Current, auto-plist has the following features:
> One thing that is missing from this list and would be most helpful is the
> ability to specify a directory (or list of directories) and have the
> files added to the PLIST and have the directories (and subdirs) have the
> correct "@unexec rmdir" added.

I am not sure if I understand it correct. I am trying to understand what  
you are suggesting.

I did added a few features in few days ago. I think, in current auto-plist  
at 384 line is what you are looking for? I rather to add something that is  
very common and always a must to have "@unexec rmdir" in any plist. If  
it's only a must in single port, then it is not need to be add in the  
list. Has to be done by maintainer's decision.

Do you also mean by you want auto-plist to understand which or/and when  
directory need to have the "@unexec rmdir" by automatic? I am not sure how  
it can be done by any tool without grep all over 12k plists. This part has  
to be done by human, unless you know any trick.

I think I have a good idea. What do you think if I add a auto-plist.conf  
file to allow anyone to add stuff in the list? For example, you can add  
"lib/gcc" in list of "@unexec rmdir".

% cat auto-plist.conf

% cat
_unexec_rmdir="share/pixmaps share/applications ${unexec_rmdir}"

for i in ${_unexec_rmdir}; do
	if grep -Eq "dirrm ${i}$" ${plist} 2>/dev/null; then
		echof "===> Add '@unexec rmdir * 2> ....' for ${i}."
		sed -i.tmp -e "s|dirrm ${i}$|unexec rmdir %D/${i}|g ; \
			s^%D/${i}$^& 2> /dev/null || true^g" ${plist}

Want it or any thought?

> This would allow one to use a standard mechanism vs. what I
> have in ports/lang/gcc34/Makefile 'post-install' target to handle this.
> While your 'auto-plist' could simply things quite a bit, I wouldn't use
> it as it still creates a static pkg-plist that isn't robust in the face
> of version updates.

I don't think auto-plist is for you if you are pro-dynamic plist. I will  
never teach auto-plist, because I am pretty anti-dynamic plist. The  
dynamic plist is a downgrade from static plist. You can check dynamic VS  
static plist in few months ago in freebsd-ports.


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