FreeBSD Port: R-2.0.1

Eric van Gyzen vangyzen at
Sun May 22 13:00:17 PDT 2005

Klaus F. Østergaard wrote:
> When do you plan to upgrade R to the current 2.1.0?

When I can coerce it into compilation:

errors.o(.text+0x154b): In function `do_gettext':
  undefined reference to `__builtin_alloca'
  more undefined references to `__builtin_alloca' follow

I gladly welcome suggestions.  :-/

> Is it possible to make a switch for applying the gnome gui?

From the "INSTALLATION CHANGES" section of the NEWS file in R-2.1.0:

    o   The GNOME GUI is unbundled, now provided as a package on CRAN.


Eric van Gyzen                        Sr. Systems Programmer   ISDS, Duke University

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