portupgrade: Good location for flag file?

Simon L. Nielsen simon at FreeBSD.org
Sat May 21 06:21:43 PDT 2005


To really get portupgrade to work properly again after my patch for
CAN-2005-0610 (portupgrade 20041226_2) I need to find a good location
for the pkgdb.fixme flagfile.  Before 20041226_2 it was in /tmp or
/var/tmp but for 20041226_2 it was moved to /var/db/pkg, which turned
out to be a bad idea (see ports/81088 and mails on this list).

So, I need to have a known static location for pkgdb.fixme which is in
a directory only writeable by root.  So does anyone suggestions on a
good location?  The only ones I can come up with, which are not really
good, are /var/run or /var/db/portupgrade...

Note, the patches I posted before
(port-portupgrade-CAN-2005-0610_2.patch and
port-portupgrade-CAN-2005-0610_3.patch) unfortunatly does not work
properly in all cases :-/.

Simon L. Nielsen
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