FreeBSD Port: automake19-1.9.5

Miguel Mendez flynn at
Thu May 19 07:05:47 PDT 2005

On Thu, 19 May 2005 10:52:16 +0200
Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at> wrote:

> Matthew Soffen <msoffen at> wrote:
> > Too bad we couldn't just get something like there was for switching
> > between the /usr/bin/perl and /usr/local/bin/perl
> I use this work-around:
> - create a directory (e.g. beneath your src directory) where you create the
> neccesary symlinks
> - add this directory in front of your path when you're working on something
> which needs the autotools

That sounds like the buildlink system used by NetBSD's pkgsrc, except
they do that for both executables and include files. I wonder if the
FreeBSD ports could use something like that.

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