FreeBSD Port: automake19-1.9.5

Florent Thoumie flz at
Tue May 17 08:50:26 PDT 2005

Le Mardi 17 mai 2005 à 11:39 -0400, Matthew Soffen a écrit :
> I'm the non-linux release engineer for Linux HA ( http://www.linux-
> ) and the project uses automake/autoconf/libtool extensively.
> However, the main developers are developing for Linux ( I'm the person
> stuck getting it to run on FreeBSD/etc. ).
> I've recently upgraded my dev box to FreeBSD 4.11 ( 5.3 wouldn't install
> on the box at all ) .  I installed automake19,  autoconf259, and
> libtool15. 
> However NONE of the Linux HA tools would work.  They were looking for
> automake ( not automake19) so as a check, I created soft links.  This
> seemed to work until something needed to re-run the autotools.

	Linux-HA (aka. Heartbeat) is already included in the Ports 
	Collection. I remember I read successful experience with it.

	Have you tried it ?

Florent Thoumie
flz at
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