FreeBSD Port: clamav-0.85

Dariusz Kulinski d.kulinski at
Mon May 16 17:02:06 PDT 2005

Hello rob,

In version 0.85 of clamav milter doesn't seem to work correctly. After
I installed it it complains that it cannot access /dev/console.

Looks like for some reason clamav-milter tries access /dev/console
after dropping privileges. I checked on clamav website, and looks like
version 0.85.1 was just released, and apparently has this bug fixed:

- clamav-milter: Open /dev/console (if LogFile not set) before dropping
  priv so that error messages aren't lost reported by David Crow. (njh)

Please update the port if that's possible.
Best regards,
 Dariusz                          mailto:d.kulinski at

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