FreeBSD Port: sugarcrm-2.5.1b

Sam Lawrance boris at
Sun May 15 21:37:33 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-05-15 at 23:45 -0400, Patrick Thomasson wrote:
> Hi Nick -
> Thanks for helping make sugarcrm available on FreeBSD!   I'm working  
> on a dual PII, with 5.3, I've cvsup'ed the ports tree and compiled a  
> custom kernel with SMP.  Here's a few of things that may be of  
> interest to you (particularly #3):
> First, the sugarcrm folder is installed into /usr/local/www and the  
> default document root for apache in httpd.conf is set to /usr/local/ 
> www/data.  I worked around it first by moving the folder, then by  
> moving the folder back and updating the httpd.conf.
> Second, when I point my browser to http://myserver/sugarcrm.  I see a  
> directory listing instead of a page.  It's not the end of the world  
> because I can click on the php files, but that brings me to the next  
> point...

Those two items are normal, you still have to configure apache yourself.
The second one is also a configuration issue, it might mean you haven't
got DirectoryIndex index.php in your apache config.

> Third, I think the sugarcrm-2.5.1b port depends also on php4-pcre.   
> It builds ok without it but when I tried configuring it via a browser  
> (clicking on the php files), I got errors about undefined functions  
> including preg_replace() and preg_match().  I made and installed php4- 
> pcre and then it works.

Whoops, I noticed that before it went in but forgot to fix it.  I'll add
it shortly.

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