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Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed May 4 14:14:52 PDT 2005

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Jim Campbell <jim-c at> wrote:
> Wesley and Bill,
> You both suggested the same solution.  Before I go off and do it, I need 
> to be clear about something.  Having done a "make fetchindex" I should 
> NOT do a "make index" or "portsdb -uU" since that would overwrite the 
> just-fetched INDEX.  Is this correct?

That's correct.  If you run "make index" it will overwrite what you just
fetched, thus undoing the fetchindex.  portsdb with -U will do the same
as a "make index".  It's OK to do a "portsdb -u", but this isn't required,
as it will do this on demand anyway.

If you've got an up-to-date version of portupgrade, it actually does the
fetchindex for you when it notices things are out of date, but older
versions automatically do "make index" ... so make sure your portupgrade
is updated first.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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