How to set CONFLICTS properly?

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Tue May 3 17:43:29 PDT 2005

The current definition of CONFLICTS in Mk/ reads:

  # CONFLICTS - A list of package name patterns that the port conflicts with.
  #             It's possible to use any shell meta-characters for pattern
  #             matching.
  #             E.g. apache*-1.2* apache*-1.3.[012345] apache-*+ssl_*

However, CONFLICTS= {gcc-3.3.*,gcc-4.1.*}* fails to detect an installed 
gcc-3.3.6_20050427 port, whereas `ls $PKG_DBDIR/gcc-{3.3.*,4.1.*}` does
indeed find the directory in the database.

Why doesn't that CONFLICTS statement work?

And how can I mark my port as conflicting both with gcc-3.3.* and 
gcc-4.1.*, or, in other words, lang/gcc33 and lang/gcc41?


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