FreeBSD Port: expat2-1.95.8

Alistair Meikle al at
Tue Mar 15 02:33:35 PST 2005

Hi there,

Wasn't sure who to contact but I was having problems when trying to install
the most recent port of expat2 1.95.8 and 1.95.7. Every time I checked out
the port and attempted an installation I got the following errors:

bash-2.05b$ sudo make
===>  Building for expat-1.95.8
make: cannot open Makefile.
*** Error code 2

(Same with 1.95.7)

I tried cleaning the distfiles, downgrading, upgrading other ports but to no
avail (except for versions 1.95.6 which worked). I did manage to get a copy
of 1.95.7  installed when I synced the port off of a machine which I
installed it onto many moons ago (including distfiles).

Was just wondering if anyone else had come across this error or if there is
something I might have missed.

Thanks muchly,


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