New port with maintainer [was: Question about maintainers]

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Thu Jul 28 23:11:41 GMT 2005

# frank at / 2005-07-28 10:36:58 -0700:
> Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> >    The policy makers won, everybody else lost.
> Bullshit.  Remember that you're getting all of this for _free_.  You are 
> benefiting from the hard work of many others and yet you complain when you 
> are asked to contribute work yourself.

    You know, this reply of yours was quite inconsiderate.
    I've spent a good part of 2003 maintaining a patch for all ports in
    the pear virtual category before it got commited; several months of
    keeping up with other changes to the tree, and it took a few months
    before Edwin finally got around to commiting it.

    I have contributed significant functionality to devel/subversion,
    I have fixed/updated 160 unfetchable/unbuildable ports across the
    tree within a month.

    I have written most of the search target in ports.

    And I have had a good time doing it all.

    I don't believe that's bullshit. Do you?

How many Vietnam vets does it take to screw in a light bulb?
You don't know, man.  You don't KNOW.
Cause you weren't THERE.   

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