[Suggestion] update net/libnet & net/libnet-devel

Stas Yakovlev stas.yakovlev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 21:36:41 GMT 2005

Hi All.
I think it's time to update net/libnet & net/libnet-devel

As you know
 Existing versions (from developer)
    1.0.2a                   Deprecated 1.0.x Tree (unsupported)                  Latest Stable Version
    1.1.3                     Latest Beta Version

 Current status in ports
    1.0.2a                   net/libnet                  net/libnet-devel

 [! Important !] There's no backward compatibility 
      between Versions 1.0.2a and !!!!!!!!!!!!

Solution can be:
 move net/libnet -> net/libnet10 (this for ports which still depends on
API version 1.0.2a);
 copy net/libnet-devel ( -> net/libnet;
 update net/libnet-devel from version to

 Status in ports at the end
    1.0.2a                   net/libnet10                  net/libnet
    1.1.3                    net/libnet-devel

What do you think about this ?

P.S: I allready contact with ports at FreeBsd.org
and mainteiners but without luck(no reply)


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