Upgrade net/libnet & net/libnet-devel

Stas Yakovlev stas.yakovlev at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 15:03:17 GMT 2005


    Upgrade net/libnet & net/libnet-devel for current versions.

    API from versions in ports and current version differ, so 
    packages which are based on libnet and now compiled successfully,will fail
    to compile afterwards.
    So this packages (~40) need be updated too. 

I'm ready to do all the work, but I need someone who will commit all these
patches to ports at once.
You should also check my way of porting to be correct.

   Project page:    http://www.packetfactory.net/projects/libnet 

   Existing versions (from developer)
      1.0.2a                   Deprecated 1.0.x Tree (unsupported)                  Latest Stable Version
      1.1.3                    Latest Beta Version

   Current status in ports
      1.0.2a                   net/libnet                  net/libnet-devel 

   There's no backward compatibility between Versions 1.0.2a and

   first copy net/libnet to net/libnet10
   update all ports which depend on net/libnet (1.0.2a) to become
        depended on net/libnet10
   remove net/libnet
   copy net/libnet-devel ( to net/libnet
   update all ports which depend on net/libnet-devel ( to become
        depended on net/libnet
   update net/libnet-devel from version to

   Status in ports at the end 
      1.0.2a                   net/libnet10                  net/libnet
      1.1.3                    net/libnet-devel 

If you have a better idea or any questions, e-mail me.


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