FreeBSD Port: acroread7-7.0.0

Bradford Castalia Castalia at
Tue Jul 12 02:39:27 GMT 2005

The problem doesn't seem to be with the password database entry.
Though I was sure that I updated the new system database
correctly, using pwd_mkdb, using a copy of the master.passwd
file from the pre-upgrade system, your point is well taken. So
I built a little program (attached) to test and confirm that
the database has the correct, accessible, information. It
exercises both getpwuid and getpwuid_r with the results:

getpwuid found an entry: username castalia, UID 100
getpwuid_r found an entry: username castalia, UID 100

Since acroread is a Linux application I was wondering if there
is an issue with obtaining password database information from
from the Linux runtime environment.

At any rate, the situation seems to point at a problem with the
password database or access to it. So I ran vipw and made an
insignificant change to my gcos field, knowing that vipw would
"do the right thing" to generate a valid password database for
the system. After doing this acroread7 works just fine for me.

Working with black boxes ("security by obscurity"), though
convenient, can be very frustrating when something goes amiss.

Being a foil for my thinking about the problem helped a lot.
Thanks for your patience.

Bradford Castalia

"Build an image in your mind, fit yourself into it."

Trevor Johnson wrote:

>Bradford Castalia wrote:
>>I've just upgraded from FreeBSD 4.8 to 5.4 and am in the process of
>>restoring the ports/packages that I use.
>>idaeim:castalia>> acroread 00_HIROC_AGENDA3.pdf
>>(acroread:1378): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown
>>user id (100)
>I haven't seen that error before.  My guess is that the entry for the user
>castalia is missing from the /etc/master.passwd file.  If you get an error
>message when you run the whois command, I am probably right.  In that
>case, put the proper entry in /etc/passwd by copying it from your old
>passwd file, or by using vipw or adduser.  Then invoke pwd_mkdb to
>regenerate /etc/master.passwd.

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