HEADSUP: xfce 4.2.0 commit scheduled on 26-01-2005

spam maps spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 08:19:28 PST 2005

> Works here on 5.3. The only snag I had was that for
> whatever reason non-root users couldn't start xfce
> the first time.
> I had to start as root once. It could not create
>  .ICE-unix/  in /tmp. I don't remember 4.0.x doing
> this, so either there's something new in 4.2.0 or I
> missed something.

See  /usr/ports/UPDATING, entry on 20041229:

  To make sure everything is in working order, do (as
  root): mkdir -p /tmp/.ICE-unix && chmod 1777
  /tmp/.ICE-unix && chown root:wheel /tmp/.ICE-unix

However, latest STABLE update of /etc/rc.d/cleartmp
takes care of all this automatically.


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