FreeBSD Port: spamass-milter-0.2.0_5

Gustafson, Tim tjg at
Mon Jan 3 22:34:04 GMT 2005


I just wanted to let you know that the spamass-milter port is a little
bit "broken".  If you are using spamassassin 2.x (like I am), the
patch-spamass-milter.cpp in the port incorrectly changes the score
scanning code so that it does not detect the spam scores correctly if
you use the -r option.  I don't know it well enough to make an
all-around patch, but here's the diff from your original
patch-spamass-milter.cpp that fixes the problem for SA 2.x users:

< +             rv = sscanf(spam_status,"%*s score=%d", &score);
> +             rv = sscanf(spam_status,"%*s hits=%d", &score);

If you're using SA 3.x, I believe your file will work, but it leaves us
2.x users behind.  :)  I just thought I'd send you my little fix.  I
don't know if it's any use to you or not.


Tim Gustafson
MEI Technology Consulting, Inc
tjg at
(516) 379-0001 Office
(516) 480-1870 Mobile/Emergencies
(516) 908-4185 Fax 

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