CALL FOR TESTERS: new candidate for libusb port

Peter D. Quilty pdquilty at
Mon Feb 28 03:20:23 GMT 2005

This seems to work well.  I used it with audio/ifp-line for my MP3
player and with graphics/gphoto2 for my camera.  No problems at all.  It
was a perfect drop in replacement for 0.1.7.  All I had to do was add a
symlink because of the version number differences.


On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 16:57 -0700, John Reynolds wrote:

> Hello all, I know that I have been veeeeeeeeery slow in arriving at this
> point. My life has been sucked away recently with a large project at work. Such
> is "open source" ....
> But at long last I have devoted some cycles to updating the libusb port for
> FreeBSD. However, since there has been such a long cycle between updates, and
> many changes to the code I wanted to roll a binary package file and have people
> test out with existing apps before I submitted the PR to have the port files
> themselves changed. 
> The version in the tree right now is 0.1.7. Johannes has released 0.1.10a just
> a few weeks ago and it looks like it has many changes to the BSD code (with
> what looks like some the integration of some patches which previously were
> applied by the port itself).
> So, for those who enjoy libusb on a daily basis like me, can you please fetch
> the following:
> and pkg_add it then test out your apps? You might have to go swizzle some soft
> links in /usr/local/lib if your apps linked to because he's
> changed the version number of the lib to "8" so what this pkg installs is
> I only use libusb with a single application to snarf pictures off my digital
> camera, but I'm sure others use it for many other things. The wider the
> testing, the better. I will roll the port changes and have them ready to
> send-pr if I receive all "thumbs up" messages.
> Thank you,
> -Jr

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