Questions about creating a port

Alejandro Pulver alejandro at
Wed Feb 16 12:59:21 PST 2005


I want to create a port of the modified version of 'generator' called 'generator-cbiere'.

I partially made the port: it compiles and runs, but I have some questions about the distribution, installation, patching, compiler warnings and type decalrations.


The program is distributed by the author as a (complete) compressed (tar/bz2) source called 'generator-0.35-cbiere.tar.bz2', or as a compressed (bz2) patch called 'generator-0.35-cbiere.udiff.bz2' (that must be applied to the original version of 'generator').

Both are called in a non-standard format ("${PORTNAME}${PORTVERSION}-cbiere"), I think it should be 'generator-cbiere-0.35'. So (for using the complete source) I have to change ${DISTFILES} (or ${DISTNAME} and ${EXTRACT_SUFX}) and ${WORKSRC}, or upload that file to my server with the correct name.

Which one is the best method to distribute the port (full source or patch)? Can I include the patch (96386 bytes) directly in the 'files/' directory of the port?


The program is installed as 'bin/generator-gtk', like 'generator' (the original version), so they will conflict. How can I avoid this (I mean how to rename the binary 'generator-gtk' to 'generator-cbiere-gtk')?

Compiler warnings:

There are (a lot of) compiler warnings about unused variables. The original port ('generator') does not show them, so I suppose the responsible is who did the patch. Should I fix them?

Type decalrations:

The modified version (generator-cbiere) did not compile because there was an invalid type declaration "u_int64_t", that I changed into "uint64_t". Then I noticed declarations saying "uint8", and I think the standard defines it as "uint8_t". Should I change them?


In almost all the cases I will end with more than one patch, so: should I use different patches or merge them in one?

Thanks and Best Regards,

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