gnome port breakage

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Feb 14 12:57:12 PST 2005

Well, god konws I've made mistakes before .... tell me, is it only my
mistake that the entire gnome2 port has been broken for MONTHS now,
because of a bad link in the misc/hicolor_icon_theme port?

If anyone has a copy of that file, posting that address would be a fine
thing.  My machines aren't as reliable as I think an ftp server should be
(I experiment a bit too much for that, usually) but if I must, I would
host that file, if it's the only way to get the gnome2 port working again.

First thing, though, is for you folks to take a look at your distfiles
directory, and see if you have that hicolor-icon-theme file, and post it.
We can't go to the web site that had it, I tried complaining that
direction months ago, no luck.

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