New port questions

Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at
Wed Feb 9 09:39:02 PST 2005

On Wednesday 09 February 2005 09:31 am, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I'm creating a new port - security/barnyard.  I *thought* I had it
> working right, and all of a sudden it's broken.  Turns out some
> changes have apparently been made to the script that
> break the build.
> See this webpage for the gory details:
> <>
> Here's my problem.  Not only do I have to remove the two offending
> lines in the file, which I should be able to do with sed
> (haven't tested it yet though), or can I do this: "LDFLAGS-=      -lz
> -lssl"?
> But I ran into another problem.  Once I remove the lines from
>, I have to run "aclocal && autoheader && automake &&
> autoconf".
> When I ran autoheader it failed.  Using locate, I discovered that I
> have three different autoheaders:
> /usr/local/bin/autoheader253
> /usr/local/bin/autoheader213    /usr/local/bin/autoheader257
> I also have three different autoconfs:
> /usr/local/bin/autoconf253
> /usr/local/bin/autoconf213      /usr/local/bin/autoconf257
> How do I solve this problem?
> Paul Schmehl (pauls at
> Adjunct Information Security Officer
> The University of Texas at Dallas
> AVIEN Founding Member

I've attached a simple script I use when ever I change
the contents of a etc.
in a port.


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