Proposal: overridable

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Feb 7 17:09:55 PST 2005

Adam Weinberger wrote:
> Edwin Groothuis wrote:
[ ... ]
>>     You:
>>     MASTER_SITE_XORG=http://z.x.y/
>>     Me:
>>     MASTER_SITE_XORG=http://z.x.y/
>> Easy!
[ ... ]
> I'd suspect that more people would want to narrow down distsites to a 
> specific couple of sites, not add more onto the list.
> People Out There: if you could control the list of which sites distfiles 
> for, say, xorg stuff, are fetched from, would you rather add to the list 
> that's already there, or isolate particular sites you prefer?

I would like to specify a site to try first, and then fall back to the list 
that's already there.

If I didn't want to use a specific site ( does come to mind :-), 
I'd be more likely to delete it from the list or set the RANDOMIZE... option. 
  I'm not sure I would use a "ignore all master sites" option, although I 
don't object to the idea, it just seems to me that I'd Cntl-C if I decided not 
to fetch something.

I tend to update a set of ports on a build machine, and either rsync the 
distfiles or the packages to other machines....


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