We need new feature for pkg_create?

Boris Kovalenko boris at ntmk.ru
Mon Feb 7 05:51:27 PST 2005

Florent Thoumie wrote:

    Answering to all in one. I may rearange my plist but without 
success. I use INFO= inside Makefile which automaticaly adds some code 
to the end of plist, so @cwd %%CWD_TRICK%% should be the last line of 
the file (or info installation fails). Yes, I may install info files 
myself, but this is not recommended for the time present. Am I wrong?

> Boris Kovalenko wrote:
>> Hello!
>>     I'm net/quagga port maintainer. My port is installing some scripts
>> to /etc/rc.d. I know, this is bad, but I really need rcorder to be
>> applied to my scripts. So, to install scripts, I use next trick:
>> @cwd %%RC_DIR%%
>> quagga%%RC_SUFX%%
>> watchquagga%%RC_SUFX%%
>> @cwd %%CWD_TRICK%%
>> where %%RC_DR%% is set to /etc/rc.d and %%CWD_TRICK%% is set to
>> ${PREFIX}. In most cases this works well, but not in case when pkg_add
>> is used with -p option. So, the question is - may be we really need new
>> feature for pkg_create like @pushwd and @popwd? So, the trick will look
>> like
>> @pushwd
>> @cwd %%RC_DIR%%
>> quagga%%RC_SUFX%%
>> watchquagga%%RC_SUFX%%
>> @popwd
>> So all will be happy and pkg_add -p will work too. Any comments?
>     Krion just committed a new bsd.port.mk containing some features
>     to handle rcNG scripts installation but unfortunately, I was
>     completely unaware of rcorder stuff at the time I wrote the
>     patch.
>     I'll try to write a new patch to take this rcorder problem
>     in consideration soon. In the meantime, I think you can do
>     without this @pushwd/@popwd just putting your rcNG scripts
>     at the end of pkg-plist, and then you would need only something
>     like (replacing %%CWD%% with "" or "@comment ") :
>     [...]
>     %%CWD%%@cwd %%RC_DIR%%
>     quagga%%RC_SUFX%%
>     watchquagga%%RC_SUFX%%
> -- 
> Florent Thoumie
> flz at xbsd.org


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