Slimserver/mDNSResponder issues...

Lars Thegler lth at
Fri Dec 30 11:34:58 PST 2005

Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> I've noticed these errors in the slimserver.log:
>    mDNSResponderPosix: Unexpected argument
>    '/var/db/slimserver/cache/mDNS.conf'
>    2005-12-22 02:46:12.7084 ERROR: Couldn't open song.
>                2005-12-22 02:46:17.8440 ERROR: Couldn't gotoNext, stopping
> I don't know what mdns.conf is really supposed to have in it; however,
> I'm not able to play anything on my slimserver now, and I wonder if it's
> related to this problem.

I don't think the mDNS issue is the reason why you are not able to play
anything; I have the same mDNS whining in my slimserver.log, but I can
play audio just fine.

The "ERROR: Couldn't open song" on the other hand, could be because you
are trying to play file types that Slimserver can't do out of the box.
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