HEADS UP: MFC of local_startup changes to rc.d complete

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Thu Dec 29 10:11:28 PST 2005

El Jueves, 29 de Diciembre de 2005 16:54, Carlos Eduardo G. Carvalho 
> Em Qui, 2005-12-29 às 16:41 +0100, Jose M Rodriguez escreveu:
> > A lot of things has been changed, an now, it's really hard to get
> > an idea about the boot process and the order used to launch the
> > components.
> I'm sorry if I am saying something that is out of the discussion, I
> didn't see the first messages, but Isn't it easy to do something
> like:
> # cd /etc/rc.d
> # rcorder *
> preseedrandom
> initdiskless
> rcconf.sh
> initrandom
> dumpon
> vinum
> gbde_swap
> gbde
> ccd
> .... (supressed output)

Which only covers the base system scripts and send you docens of entries

Also, now in head, a second scan is done.

As far I know, the most important point are:

I never said that this info is not guessable or even documented.  Only 

- The docs are disperse.
- The docs are not porters aware

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