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Mon Dec 26 08:03:46 PST 2005

On Monday 26 December 2005 14:27, Spadge wrote:
> Guido Falsi wrote:
> > On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 02:45:37PM +0300, Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
> >>Hash: SHA1
> >>
> >>Note, the port is broken after ocaml update.
> >>Can somebody fix it?
> >
> > You can use net/mldonkey-devel as a substiute. It also has lots more
> > features.
> AFAIK, all current mldonkey versions still run off ocaml3.08, which is
> binary-incompatible with the current 3.09 in ports.

according to UPDATING mldonkey-devel was patched for 3.09 a few weeks ago.

> Your only chance is likely to be to compile this one manually, which
> gives you the option of DLing and using a 3.08 mini-install and creating
> a static binary.

If it's already installed, I don't see the point in doing anything, at least 
for the moment.

mldonkey is not listed as a vulnerable port by portaudit, and  ocaml is only a 
build dependence of mldonkey. There is no binary-incompatibility here, my 
mldonkey is working fine.

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