[Mpd-users] Tuning kernel for mpd

Ezequiel O. Block ezequielb at pilar-ciudad.com.ar
Fri Dec 23 08:38:23 PST 2005

>>Now it serves 200 simultaneus PPPoe users at 30% cpu usage, connected to
>>two cisco routers, one with 4Mbit and the other 2Mbit to the outside
>>world, doing ipfw to route them. It´s a P4 2.2 with 256 RAM.
> Good tips, thanks! I'll test it next week.
> There's also kern.maxfilesperproc, I'll try to increase it, too.
> BTW, it's quite a load (30%) for such a high-spec box and
> such small bandwidth. Do you compress/encrypt anything?

no compress or encrypt.

> We've got only 2Mbit now (4Mbit soon), but traffic from some
> file servers is also going through the gateway.
> It's a P4 2.4GHz 256Mb box and I actually expected it to
> pass over 100Mbit (it's on a local gigabit backbone) through
> ethernet, pptp and pppoe.

Well, I also do AAA to another box with FreeRadius but, indeed, I think 
that that load is coming from all those PPP sessions to take care of, am 
I right? someone can share your opinions here?

> Thanks a lot!
> Andrew P.

This is my mpd.conf


         new pppo800 PPPo800
         set ipcp ranges a.b.c.d/0
         load stand

         set bundle no multilink
         set bundle enable compression
#set bundle accept encryption
#set bundle enable crypt-reqd
         set bundle max-logins 1
         set iface idle 3600
         set iface disable on-demand
         set iface enable proxy-arp
         set iface enable tcpmssfix
         set ipcp no vjcomp
         set ipcp dns a.b.c.d a.b.c.e
         set link no pap callback acfcomp protocomp
         set link yes chap chap-msv2 chap-msv1
         set link max-redial -1
         set link keep-alive 4 10
         set link mru 1300
         set link mtu 1300
         set ccp yes mppc
         set ccp yes mpp-compress
#set ccp yes mpp-e40
#set ccp yes mpp-e128
         set ccp yes mpp-stateless
         set radius server a.b.c.d testing123 1812 1813
         set radius retries 3
         set radius timeout 3
         set radius acct-update 60
         set iface enable radius-session
         set ipcp enable radius-ip
         set bundle enable radius-auth
         set bundle enable radius-acct

Now that I see it, compression is enabled but it fails to negociate, 
have no time to investigate now ...

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