editor/joe and editor/joe-devel rearranging

Kevin Day toasty at dragondata.com
Mon Aug 22 17:36:23 GMT 2005

I sent this email a while back, and can't find it in the archives...  
Either it didn't make it through, or it got lost on my end, so I'm  

I'm the maintainer of the port editors/joe, and I've been in  
discussion with the maintainer of editors/joe-devel and the author of  
the Joe editor.

We'd like to make a few somewhat complex changes to both ports, and  
I'm looking for a ports guru to assist.

Basically, we'd like to rename editors/joe to editors/joe2 (and  
upgrade it from 2.8.x to the latest 2.9 series) and make editors/joe- 
devel the main editors/joe.

Originally, the "devel" a.k.a. joe-3.x were unofficial forks, and  
were treated as such. Recently the original author of joe has  
endorsed the 3.x changes as official and has said that further  
development of the 2.x series would be limited to bug fixes only.

We'd like to keep both ports, some people have strong feels both ways  
about which the "correct" editor is, but the 3.x series is no longer  
a development branch, and is what new users should be using.

Any ports committers with experience in this situation want to help?  
I don't want to submit a mega-diff just to rename a couple of  
directories and modify a few names. :)

-- Kevin

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