ports/devel/glib20 and USE_PERL5

Sergey Skvortsov skv at protey.ru
Fri Aug 19 13:44:58 GMT 2005

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>>Why glib2 depends on perl5 and why all packages depending on glib2
>>inherit runtime dependency on Perl?
> Because glib20 installs Perl scripts, and just about every dependency of
> glib20 uses Perl in some way (e.g. ports that use intltool).

This scripts can be extracted into separate port glib20-scripts to avoid
heivy-weight dependencies for ports which use glib-20.so only (or just
compiled with WITHOUT_NLS, or intented to run on nanobsd).

In this case USE_PERL5 will be replaced with USE_PERL5_BUILD.

Sergey Skvortsov
mailto: skv at protey.ru

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