[EXPERIMENTAL] New postgresql ports

Ade Lovett ade at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 25 16:53:33 PDT 2004

As promised (threatened? :), I've been working on a fold-out of the 
existing postgresql ports into true -client/-server/-contrib/-docs 
ports, for both 7.4.x (currently 7.4.6) and the upcoming 8.0 (currently 

Before reading any further, ask yourself the following questions:
	(1) do I know how ports work (in good detail)?
	(2) do I know how postgresql works (again, in good detail)?
	(3) do I care if my postgresql database gets shot into a million tiny
	    little pieces by this (ie: a spare devel box).

If you didn't answer YES to all three above, then this is not (yet) 
ready for you -- it's highly experimental and most likely WILL eat your 
database, set fire to your network, choke you with some multimode 
fiber, and run off with your first-born.

That said, however, the 7.4.x ports are based off of internal ports 
that have been running in anger for some considerable time now -- I 
make no such warranties for 8.0 :)

What's been done:

* split of ports into -client, -server, -contrib and -docs for both 
7.4.x and 8.0.x
   (note 7.2.x and 7.3.x will almost certainly never be modified into 
the new world order,
    please upgrade to 7.4 :)

* use of OPTIONS and UNIQUENAME to ensure that all parts of the 
postgresql system get built
   with the same flags.

To do:

* incorporate kerberos hooks into the framework - I don't run kerberos 
here, so it's
   somewhat difficult to test.  Should be relatively trivial to add in 

* incorporate CONFLICTS checking - currently, there isn't any.

* once postgresql 8.0 has a newer shared-lib version that 7.4.x, 

* hack, slash, and otherwise maim other ports into USE_POSTGRESQL.

The port infrastructure can be found here:


   MD5 (pgsql-split.tar.bz2) = f8f9b601ca560166e14cc6deb0c028aa

extract into ${PORTSDIR}/databases on your machine (these are new 
ports, so it won't overwrite
anything - yet), and you'll end up with the following new ports:



Feedback greatly appreciated.


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