PearPC port & FreeBSD 6.0

Roman Bogorodskiy bogorodskiy at
Mon Oct 18 07:35:55 PDT 2004

 Alexandre wrote:

> Attached patch allows PearPC 0.3.1 to compile on FreeBSD 6.0 with JITC
> support, and configure line like one below:

Actually, I thought that compiling PearPC with JITC should have been
fixed by this commit:
I've tested it on FreeBSD 5.3 (I have no FreeBSD 6.0 boxes around) and
it works for me. 

> ./configure --enable-fpo --disable-debug --enable-cpu=jitc_x86
> --enable-ui=x11
> Credit for the solution to 'offsetof' problem goes to Patrick Hartling.
> Solution was published in ''.

Anyway, this fix seems to be more clean for me. But is it reasonable to
include such patch if base system gcc' problem with offsetof will be

-Roman Bogorodskiy
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