xfce4 port update to 4.1.90 (4.2-BETA1)

Matt Lancereau matt at bsdfly.org
Sun Oct 17 07:39:44 PDT 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>> Joshua Tinnin wrote:
>>> The build failed on me on libxfce4util, running on 5.3-BETA7:
>> Ok... the new files (patches....) are not included in that diff.... grrr
>> I'll see how I can get them into...
> Ok, I've made a new patch. Please let me know if it applies clean and if
> it works.

Well, after the second patch, all was p00f, so I've reinstalled all but it 
was still bitching, the prob was xfce-settings-show, the bug was fixed 
after the BETA1 release, here is the patch, 
http://www.bsdfly.org/xfce4-fm.diff .

After all, I've still have some prob, ie, sometimes the right click isn't 
available anymore, but I'm looking other than code cause since there's no 
just ~/.xfce4 but ~/.cache ~/.config and ~/.xfce4 , there should be some 
conflict. Upgrade from 4.0.x to 4.1.x or 4.2.x will not be easy for lambda 
user and they should be notified.

Anyway, haven't get time to test all plugin etc, but xfce4-menueditor will 
be removed since it's included in xfdesktop.
And, Oliver, let me know if I still maintain xfce4-session as you've added 
it to the meta-ports. Oh, and you have to rm -fr files/ too and I think it 
would be great to use the FreeBSD splash than Benedikt Meurer made some 
month ago, fetchable from 
http://www.themedepot.org/itemdetail.php4?id=1518 .


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