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Sat Oct 16 06:27:55 PDT 2004

Sebastian Schulze Struchtrup wrote:

> I would like to poll if there is any need for an extension to the 
> current menu-driven config frontend.

I made a patch so you can set WITHOUT_OPTIONS or
WITHOUT_${PORTNAME}_OPTIONS to supress the dialog menu.
But nothing happend :(

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Subject: Re: cvs commit: ports/devel/gettext Makefile

David O'Brien wrote:

> WITH(OUT)_${PORTNAME}_OPTIONS also?  I think it wouldn't be too much
> work to extend it to this also.

Do you mean something like:

root at kartoffel mozilla-devel> make -DWITHOUT_mozilla_OPTIONS

You may use the following build options:

WITH_XFT=yes              Enable: Enable Xft font anti-aliasing
WITHOUT_CALENDAR=yes      Disable: Enable the Calendar module
WITH_MAILNEWS=yes         Enable: Enable Mail and News modules
WITH_COMPOSER=yes         Enable: Enable the HTML Composer module
WITHOUT_DEBUG=yes         Disable: Enable debugging (i.e. gdb) suppor
WITH_LDAP=yes             Enable: Enable LDAP support for Mailnews
WITH_CHATZILLA=yes        Enable: Enable the Chatzilla IRC module
WITH_XMLTERM=yes          Enable: Enable the XMLTerm module
WITHOUT_JAVASCRIPT_DEBUGGER=yes Disable: Enable the DTD and JavaScript
WITHOUT_OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS=yes Disable: Enable -O2 optimizations
WITHOUT_SMB=yes           Disable: Enable smb:// URI support using

If so... patch is attached (it will also remove the unneded spaces at the
end of each line)

If I missunderstood what you was thinking of - let me know...

Next thing could be to strip out Enable/Disable at the beginning of the
description (sth. like ${SED} -E 's|^([Ee]n\|[Dd]is)able ||g'). But just a
cosmetic change. Would be nice to just see it working first...

 Oliver Lehmann
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