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Ísak Ben. isak at
Tue Nov 30 08:19:02 PST 2004

Hi there.

I ran into this prob a few months ago.....

You have to compile perl with "ENABLE_SUIDPERL=yes" for openwebmail to work properly.

This changed in perl 5.8.3 i sure though.

Ísak Ben,

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> I have been using Openwebmail since FreeBSD 4.8 and
> had no problems in the past with it.  Now, I'm trying
> to install it on 5.3 and it seems to install correctly
> but when I access it via my browser I get "Internal
> Server Error"  Ports use to install without problems
> but lately I find more and more ports either fail
> during install or just plain don't work.  This is a
> brand-new machine with ports, src and doc up to date.
> Anyone encountered this or know of a fix?  
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