spamass-milter bug

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed Nov 24 07:44:47 PST 2004

In the last episode (Nov 24), Vince Fleming said:
> There seems to be some conflicting info on the 'net about who's
> maintining spamass-milter - both of these email addresses are
> listed...

I'm the maintainer of the software, but not the port itself.  I should
file a PR assigning that to me, I guess :)
> Anyway - I found a small bug.
> The -r command-line option doesn't work with SpamAssassin v3.
> Here's why:
> reject_score is an 'int', and should be a 'float', as the scores are
> not integers: ie: 5.2 or -1.1

All that means is you can't ask to reject at 5.2; you can only set it
to 5 or 6.  How often to you really want to reject on a fractional
score :)
> Also, in function assassinate(), getting the score from
> assassin->spam_status via sscanf() should look for "score=%f", not
> "hits=%d".

Same thing; sscanf will parse "score=1.5" using "%*s score=%d" and
assign score the value 1.  The port commit on 2004/10/15 changed the
sscanf string to patch SA 3.0's output, so make sure your portversion
is at 0.2.0_5 and you should be set.

The CVS version of spamass-milter checks for both hits= and score=.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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